I’ll help you tackle any relocation challenge so you can be epic in the next great adventure chapter of your life.


Moving can be one of the most challenging life chapters.  Add in the page of moving to a different city, state, or country makes it an even bigger challenge. Over the years, I’ve helped many people walk through these challenges – whether it’s selling their current home while finding their next best life chapter in a new city, searching for their dream vacation home, or even picking up and moving across the globe (would that count as a new volume?).

My Top Three Relocation Hacks:

  1. Get a plastic accordion envelope.  One of my favs: Zip Expand File Yes, we do much of our every day online.  However, there are times that hard copies not only make transitioning easier, but are required.  Birth Certificates, Social Security cards, passports are just a few of the “hard” copy items that will be useful to have quick access.
  2. Have a passion that is your why? Check out local FB groups & pages related to that passion.  Not only will starting your connections now speed up your “fit in” feeling but these locals that share your passion are a great resource for all things, well, local.  Be sure when asking for membership you say you are moving to area.  I am a member of several running group pages, people post non running but area related questions often and seem pleased with the many helpful “insider” tips.
  3. Take a long weekend.  “Date” your new city.  From the moment you decide or are voluntold you are relocating hundreds of questions and decisions will fill your head.  Do yourself a solid and experience your new home town in person.  Wander a few tourist spots, enjoy easy paced meals asking waitstaff questions and walk thru a few open houses.  The 72 hours your spend getting a taste of your new city will reap rewards.  A gift of inspiration and direction to steer by in the challenging transition weeks to come.

As a Sotheby’s agent, I have a worldwide network of over 70 offices filled with colleagues.  Especially when looking for a special getaway or an extraordinary work from home location, beginning the search with a warm local expert will naturally decrease the stress and amp up the fun!  Just ask, I’ll connect you!

Luxury service is a universal language that is not limited by price point.

Moving To Dallas Area

Dallas and its suburbs have been a hub for company headquarters for decades, but the last few years have seen an explosion of growth. I’ve been proud to assist singles and families in finding the best neighborhoods to begin their exciting new Texas life chapters.

My philosophy begins with learning more about your deal breakers, interests and lifestyle. Are you looking to find the best schools? Do you want to walk to local restaurants and businesses?  What is your ideal commute? Your answers to these questions as well as others during my process teach my eyes how to better see the best-fit neighborhoods and homes within those neighborhoods to enable you to live your best life.

How do I know best-fit neighborhoods? I have lived in many.  Run many more (and still do daily). When volunteering in neighborhoods through the various nonprofit organizations I support, I meet – I listen – I hear.  Each neighborhood has its own vibe, let’s find the one that excites you!

Selling • Buying • Renting

Timing is essential when dealing with relocation. Do you have a home to sell before you relocate? Allow me to leverage my Sotheby’s crew to your benefit.  I am happy to connect you to a local colleague at your current location.  Together, your local Sotheby’s agent and I can take much of the coordination challenges off your worry list and curate a more seamless experience – where you are now to your new Dallas home.  Sometimes, the best option is to purchase a short or long-term lease in a neighborhood you are considering.  Through my local network of agents, we have helped new Texans (or many returning Texans) find a short-term home while they caught their breath, tried on their boots, and generally had time to get a feel of the place. Once settled, we then have the luxury of time to find the right keys to their new permanent home.  Corporate-housing is a great option while you hunt for your new home – this may be your best fit if you’re moving for work.  Often, 90 days is a standard inclusion in relocation packages for major companies.  Whether your timing is more urgent or not, I can personalize a “find your keys” timeline that will work within your parameters.  Your relocation plan includes proper timing and deadlines so we are methodical about getting you settled as stress-free as possible.

I’ll help you tackle any relocation challenge so you can be epic in the next great adventure chapter of your life.


Long-term or short-term? New to a 1031 exchange? Or rolling your exchange up?

You have worked hard to get here and you have a choice on how to invest. Which vehicle or strategy is best for you? I would like to hear your story.

Long term plans

When selling investments, I have found my clients experience the best success when I market their properties as if the property was owner-occupied. A strategic walk-thru, make-ready punch list, and professional design and staging to maximize your ROI at the point of sale is part of the b.’s best bottom-line process.  When purchasing, I facilitate an on-site Zoom chat as I walk-through; it is a critical service I provide so you are able to best leverage your time (and ultimately your bottom line).  Ready to close the deal? Email signature authenticated docs are a standard part of the “make it easy” way of doing business.

1031 Exchange is for the uber long-term plans.  Crazy enough 1031 involves a short tight government-mandated timeline to be set up successfully and re-energized over and over again.  To maneuver through the process successfully, my communication, direction and insight are key.  Near daily texts, walk throughs and lots of “yes can do’s” done together ensure a 1031 happy ending.

The technology tools are a huge advantage and continue with an active digital marketing campaign for properties ready to be divested.

Short term plans

Fix and Flip dreamer?  I am sorry to be the one to share a hard truth: a good flip or fix takes more than a 21 or 43 minute reality show.  How is it possible to successfully fix and flip in this market? Or is fix and lease a better plan? Let’s chat!

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