My greatest passion is serving my clients as they seek to add beautiful chapters to their story.


Google “buy a home” and you will be overloaded with info which may, at times, seem a bit overwhelming. Ever have that “nevermind” doubt creep in? Ugh, the worst. Save yourself time and Google “how to buy a home” and Bess Dickson or find me, b.


Buying requires following a series of steps taken in a particular order, a few steps more challenging than others. The right team has experience to anticipate speed bumps in your path so that the bounce is avoided or minimized. My team, or Tribe as I call them, makes all the difference between whew or wow! Having spent years vetting and working with my Tribe, we’ll make your experience the best that it can.

Have 15 mins for a zoom or coffee chat? A bit of sharing together will not only help inform you of real next steps to realizing your keys dream to your next home but will also enable you to decide if my team is the best fit for you.

Bess makes even the hardest challenges seem easy
After Keys Experience:

You need to know, if you are selected be part of my tribe (we work together to securing your keys to your new home), it is a lifetime commitment. Starting with a Crash Welcome Porch / Front Yard Pizza party to tribe gatherings of all types to snagging you for lunch or coffee just because- we are invested in you. How can we help you live your best life?

b. cooks!

If you don’t now, we will! Together. In your new home. Friday night making pizza from scratch has been a mainstay in my family for decades. Dough. Sauce. Yes- happy to share pizza night tradition as well as many other yummy “home cooked” recipes with my tribe. Let’s find that kitchen and get cooking together!


It may not be a “perfect 10” when you buy it, but I’ll help you create a 10 before we’re done!

What looks good on a Pinterest page may not be the best return on your exit strategy dollar.


So you have caught yourself scrolling through Zillow, or maybe during a family visit, you stumbled upon a neighborhood you can’t get out of your mind… or an entirely different reason has you considering changing keys. You have heard buyers are only interested in move-in ready or turn-key. That is mostly true. But please, before you lift a paint brush or spend a dime, let’s chat. Why? What looks good on your Pinterest page, may not be the best return on your exit strategy dollar. Y2K is the way! Strategically spent dollars in today’s HGTV educated market, year over year, have proven to be the most effective return on your time and home investment. After we walk through your property together, my team and I will customize a highest dollar return key exchange strategy. (Keys exchange?! What say you b.? A buyer writes you a check in exchange for your property keys).

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